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AromaReflex Information

Single Essential Oils

Lavender: a natural antibiotic, pain-relieving properties that helps with headaches, and promotes relaxation and sleep

Bergamot: an antidepressant that reduces anxiety and aids digestion

Lemon: an antiseptic that aids in lowering blood pressure and stimulates the immune system

Orange: an anti-inflammatory that aids in digestion and has a calming affect

Cedarwood: a good all around tonic that reduces fluid retention and helps with circulation

Frankincense - a profound sense of peace and wellness. Also known to help with inflammation

Great Blends

Rose & Geranium: soothing and balancing

Frankincense & Lavender - relieves anxiety and tension

Clary Sage & Geranium - Menopause blend; hormone balancing properties; & calming and pain relieving properties

Other blends can be created as well.

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